getTV celebrates Lee Majors on April 23 with rare TV series 'Raven'

Soure: getTV Press Release 

To celebrate the 78th birthday of Lee Majors, getTV will be paying a tribute with a special "Get Lost in TV" block. The overnight block will highlight six episodes of the rare 1992 adventure series "Raven." The event starts on April 23 at 12 a.m. EST.

"Raven" is about Herman Jablonski, an eccentric P.I. who teams up with his old war buddy Jonathan Raven (Jeffrey Meek) to solve crimes and dodge deadly assassins, while searching for Raven's long lost son in Honolulu.

For the role Lee Majors put on over 25 poounds and once described the boozy detective role as "The Gabby Hayes of the show." Mainly because he provided comic relief in the series that often focused on more serious themes.

The night's featured guests include Marcia Cross, Elizabeth Berkley, and Vanessa Angel.

So stay up late to watch these six rare episodes! To learn more please click here.