HelloFresh Night 1: Turkey Chiles Rellenos

 Note: Was Given A Free Box From the Company To Review

The Box Has Arrived. (Own Photo)
For two nights for supper, I'll be testing out HelloFresh. The first night (April 24) was the "Turkey Chiles Rellenos." I'm one who loves cooking but have to say I've never made these before. First, let me explain, the company sends you everything you'll need which for this recipe was the following:
  •  Veggie Stock Concentrates
  •   Jasmine Rice
  •   Jalapeno
  •   Ground Turkey
  •   Chipotle Powder
  •   Poblano Peppers
  •   Yellow Onion
  •   Southwest Spice Blend
  •   Crushed Tomatoes
  •   Monterey Jack Cheese 
You are also given a recipe card that explains every step and what you even have to "bust out." I'd say that the directions were pretty easy to follow too, though it was for two servings, so I doubled their recipe for four servings since the box I was given was for four servings.

The finished product. It looks messy, but is so good! (Own Photo)
 The total time according to the card was 35 minutes, which I'd agree with. Of all my years of cooking, I've never used poblano peppers, which have to say I'm sold on them! I'll even admit I didn't use the jalapeno because my family isn't too big on spice, but used the rest of ingredients, though I used half of the chipotle powder. I was going to leave it out with only using the southwest spice blend, but the meat mixture was too bland without it. They even tell you on the card to taste along the way, which I'll even stress that it's important with any recipe you are trying.

Yes, you do get leftovers too! I had three peppers and a bunch of rice leftover. So there is definitely enough food you get in each box from my understanding. So what about the flavor? Definitely was there and everyone liked it in my household. It was like my family recipe for Stuffed Peppers, but amped up to a thousand!

So from this first night of using it, I would say that I'm quite impressed with HelloFresh so far. I can't wait to try tonight's meal and give my thoughts on that.

Ready to Make What's Next! (Own Photo)

Tell me in the comments if you tried HelloFresh before or this box from them?