getTV's Memorial Day lineup includes 'Tour of Duty' and 'Rough Riders'

Source: getTV Press Release 


getTV honors the tremendous sacrifice of the men and women of America's Armed Forces with a special Memorial Day marathon with episodes of "Tour of Duty" and then the 1997 miniseries "Rough Riders."

The day begins at 6 a.m. EST with 13 episodes of "Tour of Duty." The show broke new ground as the first TV program to frequently portray American soldiers in combat in Vietnam and for its fearless examination of politics, faith, racism, suicide, drug abuse, and the lasting trauma of war. The 1987 military drama starred Terence Knox.

After the marathon of "Tour of Duty," getTV will be airing the Spanish-American War biopic "Rough Riders." Tom Berenger starred as Theodore Roosevelt in the miniseries. It will be airing at 7 p.m. EST. Sam Elliott, Gary Busey, Chris Noth, George Hamilton, and Illeana Douglas also starred in "Rough Riders."

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