Monument Releasing announces the U.S. theatrical and VOD release of 'Family Life'

Source: Cinema Tropical Press Release 

Monument Releasing

The New York-based distribution company had announced the U.S. theatrical release and VOD of "Family Life" during the week. "Family Life" is a poignant drama directed by both Alicia Scherson and Cristian Jimenez, two of Chile's most praised filmmakers of their generations. The film is based on a story and was co-written by Alejandro Zambra.

"Family Life" will open on June 23 at the Digital Gym in San Diego as well as July 21 at the Tower Theater in Miami and July 28 at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. It will be available on TVOD on August 1 and on Amazon Prime on Sept. 1.

Winning the Best Film Grand Prize at the Knights Competitions at the Miami Film Festival, "Family Life" is about a married couple who ask a distant cousin to housesit and take care of their cat. After spending days indoors chain-smoking, looking through their belongings, trying on their clothes, and moving their furniture, Martin becomes seduced by the idea of family life and starts to treat the house as if it's his own.

The cast of "Family Life" includes Jorge Becker, Gabriela Arancibia, Blanca Lewin, and Cristian Carvajal.