Book Review: 'Let's Get Monster Smashed' by Jon Chaiet and Marc Chaiet

 Source: NetGalley/Schiffer Publishing 

Schiffer Publishing
 Title: "Let's Get Monster Smashed" 
Author(s): Jon Chaiet and Marc Chaiet
Release Date: Aug. 28, 2017 

"Let's Get Monster Smashed" is one of the most fun food & wine books you'll ever read in your lifetime. Jon and Marc Chaiet aren't joking when they say "Horror Movie Drinks For A Killer Time." The names of the chapters and the drinks will have you in love with the book.

There are around 55 recipes with five chapters, one is a non-alcoholic chapter too. There is such a variety in the book that you'll never get bored. The Chaiet brothers should be proud of their creations. Just as being a reader you can see how exciting it must have been creating the drinks. 

Here's an example of some of the drinks names and the movies:
  • 'The Silver Bullet'-"American Werewolf in London"
  • 'You're Ice Cream'-"Ice Cream Man"
  • 'Cen-O-Bites-"Hellraiser" 
  • 'Camp Crystal Lake Sangria'-"Friday the 13th"
  • 'Boom-Stick'-"Army of Darkness"
So not only is it a drinking guide, but it can be used as a movie guide too. The authors are big fans of the "Puppet Master" series too. If you can relate that might be another reason to read "Let's Get Monster Smashed." 

Before the recipes, there are a few tips on what glasses to use, how to make different types of syrups, a list of tools, etc. It's a pretty helpful to read or skim through that before starting out any of the recipes.

The photos of the drinks give such a vintage feel as does the artwork. The artwork of the monsters reminds one of being a kid and collecting weird cards. It's just fun and darkly whimsical.

If you love horror movies and a few drinks, you'll love thumbing through "Let's Get Monster Smashed." Even if you are a novice in the horror genre, you should still give the book a chance.
"Let's Get Monster Smashed" is also great for any Halloween party too.