Book Review: 'The Pumpkin Cookbook' by DeeDee Stovel

Source: NetGalley ARC/Storey Publishing 

Storey Publishing

Title: "The Pumpkin Cookbook"
Author: DeeDee Stovel

In two months there will be pumpkin-spice everywhere and everything in the store will have that popular fall flavor. Skip buying it and get DeeDee Stovel's cookbook, "The Pumpkin Cookbook," which is subtitled 139 nutritious recipes for year-round enjoyment.

She isn't joking about year-around enjoyment either. Since we're still in summer, Stovel has a pumpkin ice cream recipe that literally takes a few minutes, her secret is using boughten vanilla ice cream. Let's just say it tastes like a summer pumpkin pie. There's even a pumpkin bbq sauce too.

Going through the cookbook you'll find traditional recipes like the classic pumpkin pie (there are seven different recipes of the pie too) and more interesting fare like chicken-pumpkin tacos. So Stovel knows that you need the essentials, but also pushes for her readers to try out something new and even exotic.

In the book, there are also directions on how to cook pumpkin as well as the different varieties. Some recipes use the seeds (pepitas), canned pumpkin, or fresh pumpkin. So if you have a bunch of pumpkins ready to use or cans in the pantry, you'll find something to make using this cookbook.

Besides the recipes being fun and creative, the photos throughout are equally beautiful. There are also helpful tidbits on throwing a Halloween party, about Thanksgiving, pumpkin festivals, etc. So

So "The Pumpkin Cookbook" isn't just for the pumpkin obsessed, but for the home-cook that wants to try out new recipes that are both delicious and quite healthy too.