Book Review: 'Remedy: How I Cured the Incurable' by Matthew J. Murphy

Matthew Murphy

Let's face it, people don't recognize how digestive ailments are an everyday occurrence for millions of people, so "Remedy: How I Cured the Incurable" by Matthew J. Murphy could be a helpful read for those who need it. As someone who has dealt with issues, there are plenty of recipes that I would even try.

The disease that Matthew Murphy was dealing with was a severe case of ulcerative colitis. He dealt with bleeding and lost over 40 pounds in a very short time. A doctor at one point even asked him when he came in, "HOW ARE YOU STILL EVEN ALIVE?" The doctors told him that he would need surgery, but he decided to listen to the Holy Spirit. He believes in the Christian Faith and that does have a big impact on his story. 

He has claimed that with this knowledge that he gained, he avoided surgery and lifelong medicine. So that's a big feat in itself. From the way, Murphy writes you can see that he has a lot of faith. His second day in the hospital he had a strong intuition (the Holy Spirit) that he should pursue an alternative route. He also shares that "I have no doubt that faith and prayer were the backbone of my recovery." 

Murphy explains plenty of times that he doesn't think that hospitals or doctors are pointless, just he decided to combat his illness by using an alternative path. He does tell in the book that he can only claim that it has worked for him so it could be different for someone else. There are DISCLAIMERS. The goal of this book is to provide a source of education, recipes, remedies, resources, spiritual support, and hope. 

 I would like to note though, that the statistics he does talk about, he does use sources. His own opinions, not everyone will agree with. He does seem to be pretty knowledgeable though.

Now is he saying that he has all the answers? No, that's what I liked about the book. He's just sharing what worked for him. I can't stress that enough!!  I will warn other readers to not just read the book because you're looking for a quick-fix or are afraid of the doctor either.

In the book, you'll also find there is a directory that he used for his recovery. There are three sections: Spiritual, Health, and Medical. It's a pretty helpful list. What also is helpful is Chapter 9, which is recipes. He discusses bone broth, smoothies, and ready-made mixtures. Chapter 10 is full of remedies, which is broken down in "Digestive Disorder Related" and "Anti-Cancer Related." 

So it may seem like a very unbelievable story,  that's why I highly recommend reading it. His story alone is just crazy, because of everything he went through. This wasn't just a simple cold.  I wouldn't say that this book will give you a quick-fix, but it may inspire you, which that in itself is worth the read!

If you would like to purchase the book, you can on Amazon for $7.99.