Book Review: 'The Spirits Control Your Love Life' by Frank Mares

Frank Mares 
 "The Spirits Control Your Love" was one of the most interesting non-fiction books that I've read in a long time. As someone who has always been interested in the paranormal, I found that I've never actually read anything about this certain topic before. I've never dabbled into books about out-of-body experiences and reincarnation. Let alone thinking it had to do with people's love life. 

"The Spirits Control Your Love Life" is the second edition version of Frank Mares book "My Journey Down the Reincarnation Highway." Mares also states in the book that his spiritual discoveries accelerated after events of the first edition. He also discovered that he never had any control over his love life and believes that it's pre-planned by a higher power. I would also like to note this is the end of the first book in the series "Fifty Shades of Psychic." 

Basically, this is a personal account of his past life "sins" that affected his love life. Though this isn't just about his failure to find Mrs. Right, it's also about how after meditation practice that gave him some psychic abilities. He also finds more about his own past (9) lives. 

One thing that I enjoyed about the book was how the chapters are formatted like for example "Reincarnation Highway Mile Marker: USA, 1976." Oh, and when you start a book off with "The Atheist and the Good Catholic Girl" you know that it's going to be some kind of life story. His writing style makes it easy to read too.

Another thing that I would like to point out on how personal Mares gets. Not many people like to discuss their past love life because it either embarrasses them or is still painful. Mares does all of that and even discusses his "atheist" years (or as he calls them). As the reader, we follow his love and spiritual life. You don't get any more personal than that. 

Throughout his psychic meditations, he finds that he has been German for the past thousand years. His reincarnation history is quite interesting and chapter 13 tells one of his stories as Otto. I found that to be the most heartbreaking of stories. 

There are even a ton of author notes too, so if you need more information as well as recommend books and psychics. So if you're unlucky in love or want to read about the world with a different view, I would highly recommend reading "The Spirits Control Your Love Life."