Book Review: 'Valerie's Home Cooking' by Valerie Bertinelli

Source: NetGalley 

Time Life INC/NetGalley 

Valerie Bertinelli's new cookbook, "Valerie's Home Cooking" will be released next week on Oct. 10. For those who love her cooking show on Food Network or grew up watching her on TV, will be interested in owning the book. 

I've kept up with her Food Network show, "Valerie's Home Cooking" for a while now and was interested in reading her new cookbook. Overall the recipes are simple (though granted some are a little complicated) to make and that's a plus for any cookbook.

The chapters include: 
  • Rise & Shine 
  • Happy Hour 
  • A Side Note 
  • Getting Through the Day 
  • Around The Table 
  • Finishing Sweet 
My favorite chapters were Rise & Shine and Finishing Sweet. As someone who is always looking for new breakfast recipes and desserts, "Valerie's Home Cooking" seemed to help on that mission. Her recipes were pretty creative and they seemed like they were very personable too. You can see that her personality and family is written all over them. 

So overall if you love Valerie or just love to cook, you'll find this cookbook fun and entertaining to thumb over. There is something for everyone.