Interview with actress Catherine Mary Stewart

NOTE: This interview was first published on until the site ended on July10. Kellie Haulotte is the author. 

Actress Catherine Mary Stewart was nice enough to take time from her busy schedule to do a Q&A interview about her career. She's known for such cult classics as "Night of the Comet" and "Weekend at Bernie's." She also has had many other credits under her belt, so read on to learn more about her career!

1. Your first movie role was in "The Apple," what was the experience like?

A bit surreal. I was training as a dancer in London, England when I decided to audition (as a dancer) for this movie that was in town. I was picked out of the crowd and asked to read for the lead role. I ended up with the role and we shot this crazy movie in Berlin. This was well before the wall was taken down. It was a lot of fun but quite the steep learning curve!

2. Also in 1980 you were in the film, "Powder Heads." For people who don't know, what is the film about and did you enjoy working on it?

Ha! I went home to Edmonton, Canada for Christmas from London. I had a friend who was casting this movie. She knew that I had just finished "The Apple" and asked if I was interested in doing this kind of crazy ski themed yarn. It revolves around a bunch of ski crazed kids who "borrow" a bus to hit the slopes. There are chases on land and down hill. It was fun.

3. "Night of the Comets," is a huge cult favorite and a fun movie to watch. Did you have just as much fun as the viewer does watching it?

I love it more and more as time goes on. It holds some great memories for me and I'm so happy the it resonates with it's audience. I can't tell you how many people come up to me and tell me what an important part of their childhood it was. That makes me feel great.

4. Have to comment, your character Regina is no damsel in distress, did that aspect impact you wanting the role?

Absolutely! I loved the fact that Reg was a strong female character who could look after herself. I was playing a lot of "girl next door" roles so this was a great departure for me and honestly much more true to who I am. It's rare for a movie to be driven by two female protagonists, let alone kick ass female protagonists. I very proud of that aspect of this movie. I think it has a positive impact of young women.

5. I noticed that you've starred in many TV films like "With Intent to Kill," "A Killer in the Family," "Murder by the Book," and many others. Are there any favorites that you have starred in?

I thought "Murder By the Book" was a fun concept. "Hollywood Wives" was an incredible experience for me as a young new actor in Hollywood. The cast was amazing! Check it out. One of the most challenging was probably "Passion and Paradise" based on a true story. Again, an incredible cast. "Sins" was also a very cool experience playing a young girl in Nazi occupied France. Very challenging, outstanding cast. One of the great fringe benefits of acting is the places you go and the people you meet.

6. You have starred in plenty of horror, dramas, sci-fi, and comedies, so what is your favorite genre to work in?

I don't have a favorite genre. I love to work and live vicariously through every character. It's all about trying to bring the character to life and get the story across in a way that resonates with the audience. It's always interesting and challenging in a gratifying and unique way.

7. While working in both TV and in film, do you prefer one over the other?

Both TV and movies seem to be produced in a more similar way as time goes on. It used to be that movies were much bigger productions on every level and took much longer to shoot. I liked that. But with the advent of digital everything can be done much quicker and cheaper and that seems to be the goal of most movies and TV these days.

8. Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to comment on?

Although I'm still working as an actor and have several things out there on Lifetime, Hallmark and other TV, I'm focusing on developing projects to direct. That is the next step for me. I'm very excited about a couple of things that are coming up sooner than later. Stay tuned to my FB page for announcements.

9. Okay since Halloween was not too long ago, I have to ask what are some of your favorite horror films to watch during the season?

NIGHT OF THE COMET... I'm actually really looking forward to seeing "Carrie". I loved the original and I think the director and cast of the new "Carrie" are stellar.

10. Last but not least would you like to share anything else?

I'd love everyone to "Like" me on my Catherine Mary Stewart Facebook page. We have a lot of fun there with competitions, lots of fan input, chat back and forth and lots of news and photos from me! Also I have a new website at You can email me from there, purchase memorabilia and check out more details about me and my career.

So thanks again to Catherine Mary Stewart for taking the time to answer these questions. She has had a fascinating film and TV career. For fans of "Night of the Comet," Scream Factory is releasing a Collector's Edition this month. So be the on the look out for that and also don't forget to check out Stewart's Facebook page!