Interview with director Michael D. Olmos

 NOTE: This interview was first published on until the site ended on July 10, 2016. Kellie Haulotte is the author. 

This evening I was lucky enough to chat with Nuvo Point of View jury member and director, Michael D. Olmos via phone. This is his third year being part of the Nuvo Point of View: The Emerging Latino Filmmakers project. He's known for directing such movies as the 2012 indie hit, "Filly Brown." "Filly Brown" starred Gina Rodriquez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jenni Rivera, and his father Edward James Olmos.

So I asked him six questions about what Nuvo Point of View is and about his own upcoming projects.

1. First can you summarize what Nuvo Point of View is for those who aren't really aware of the project?

The mission is that Nuvo Point of View is trying to reach emerging creative Latino filmmakers, writers, etc. It's a great opportunity for them to get their voices heard. Also it's a good way for the network to scout for new talent.

2. When picking the films, what's one thing you are looking for? What's that one thing that really catches your eye?

Originality is that one thing. Always looking for real original pieces.

3. Since we talked about what makes a movie pop for you while judging, what's one thing that doesn't work for you?

Fully aware of what makes a good movie and what makes a bad movie. You can see a lot of care and effort in some movies. There are the ones out there that didn't take the easy route or use the quick solutions, those are the ones that you know are the good movies.

4. You had to pick 4 out of 200 entries, so I have to ask how hard is that?

It's very time consuming! Though if you find something great, it's fast and enjoyable. So basically you still enjoy it, but it's still also work.

5. You yourself are a director from the indie hit, "Filly Brown" to the action flick "Splinter." So out of interest, stepping away from Nuvo, can you share any details about your own upcoming film projects?

Attached to several projects for two years. The projects are great stories, well written, and character driven. Recently, sold a TV show concept and working on the pilot.

6. Last but not least, can you share any advice to emerging filmmakers?

The main things are: go out and make your movies, seek mentors, and learn the craft.

So, I want to thank Michael for his time and for answering these six questions. You can check out more of his work by clicking here.

Nuvo Point of View: The Emerging Latino Filmmakers was inspired by the creative vision of Jennifer Lopez and Nuyorican Productions to feature the top talented Latino screenwriters, producers and directors. The Nuvo Point of View: The Emerging Latino Filmmakers will also be a televised special by the same name that will include exclusive interviews with the filmmakers and host Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin, Filly Brown), and will air on Thursday, December 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NUVOtv. You can also check out more about Nuvo by clicking here.