Interview with French actress Marie Dompnier

 NOTE: This interview was first published on until the site ended on July10. Kellie Haulotte is the author.

Marie Dompnier is a French actress that is currently starring in the French TV show "Witnesses." The show is a mystery thriller. The first season is currently on iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix. The show originally broadcasted on France 2 and it was the most successful show in five years with over 11.4 million combined viewers for the first two episodes.

"Witnesses” was created by Herve Hadmar and Marc Herpoux. The series also stars Thierry Lhermitte, Laurent Lucas, and Catherine Mouchet. In "Witnesses" Marie plays the co-lead as detective Sandra Winckler.

The first question below was asked during a conference call on Monday with Marie Dompnier and the rest of the questions were asked via email.

Here's the interview:

1. France is already well known for their cinema, so do you think that "Witnesses" will help France be well known for their TV too?

Yes, it will definitely help France be known for their TV too.

2. What drew you to the role of Sandra?

What is very interesting about Sandra’s character is the paradox of this woman. Actually, she’s a very anxious person, always afraid she is going to lose the people she loves. She’s very fragile inside but she doesn’t show that to the others. In fact she’s a real control freak, to counter her fear she wants to control everything which is obviously impossible. As an actress this paradox was very interesting to play.

3. For Season 2, what would you like to see Sandra do differently in her life?

What is interesting about Sandra is that her two lives keep colliding into each other: this creates a struggle within her which is very interesting to play.

4. You said that there will be a new story in Season 2, can you share some of those details?

At this moment season 2 is still being written, only the future will tell us.

5. Lastly, are you working on anything other than "Witness" that you would like to share?

I’m a shooting a tv movie this Summer for Arte with Denis Podalydes which is an adaptation of Le Passe Murailles the famous novel from Marcel AymĂ©. And I’ll be in a new theater play this Fall in Paris.

Once again you can watch the first season of "Witnesses" on iTunes, Amazon and on Netflix. Also for iTunes, the first episode is free to watch. So I would like to thank Marie Dompnier for answering these five questions and can't wait to see what happens in Season 2!