Interview with Oscar-nominated short director Jason Cohen

NOTE: This interview was first published on until the site ended on July 10, 2016. Kellie Haulotte is the author. 

I was lucky enough to ask a few questions via phone to director, Jason Cohen about his short documentary and how he feels about his Oscar nomination. His film, "Facing Fear," is up for a chance to win an Oscar in the Best Short Documentary category.

So here are five questions and his answers:
1. For those who don't know, can you in your own words, tell them a little bit about "Facing Fear."

"Facing Fear," is a film about forgiveness. Twenty-five years ago, a gay teenager was beat up by a neo-Nazi, and they meet up by chance years after the incident. They team up together to talk about their story and teach others to be tolerant.

2. What gave you this idea for your short documentary?

It was a collaboration with the Fetzer Institute, a nonprofit company that promotes tolerance and forgiveness around the world. Fetzer is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

3. We live in a world, where violence is prominent to others just because of their sexual orientation, race, and religion. Do you think that people who watch, "Facing Fear," and who are ignorant will change their views?

Some people are probably too deep in their ideologies, but hopefully it opens them to discussion and maybe rethink their views.

4. Now something about your nomination, how did you feel when you got the news that your film was on the Oscar ballot?

Very excited but not something we planned on. The good thing is it gave the movie and its subject a lot more exposure.

5. Last but not least, do you have any advice for any up and coming documentary directors?

What you need is a good story and a good subject. So if you have that then you're set.

So I want to give a big thanks to Jason for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me about his film and about the Oscars. I'm wishing him good luck this Sunday, because he made a fantastic film that many should watch! Tolerance is a subject that we all need to work on throughout lives.