Movie Review: 'Lights Out' (2016)

 Video Source: CineWorld/YouTube

"Lights Out" is a horror film that was directed by David F. Sandberg. The movie was based off of his own 2013 short film. Teresa Palmer, Maria Bello, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander DiPersia and Billy Burke all star in the PG-13 horror film. It was released in theaters last Friday (July 22). 

Overall for those who are looking for a summer chiller, will definitely be welcoming "Lights Out." For those who were tired of the torture porn of years ago or recent second rate ghost films, will also be welcoming "Lights Out." While it was made in 2016, it has a very classic feel to it, which works for its own advantage. It's like "The Conjuring," when it too, took over the summer theaters! Which is funny because one of the producers is James Wan (who also created the "Saw" franchise).

While it's a pretty short film (less than an hour and thirty mins), there is a lot of story and it's interesting too. It's basically a family that is broken and a mother that has been battling with mental illness. Well her young son is being tormented by a spirit that only comes out in the dark, so he goes to his estranged half-sister for help. That then leads the family to try and band together, though it's not easy. We learn that the mother and daughter bond is pretty much broken and that both of them are dealing with some issues.

The acting is pretty superb. Maria Bell as the mother, was just astounding. You really felt what she was going through. She gave so much dimension to her character. As well as Palmer and Bateman, who played her children. Though DiPersia as the boyfriend, wasn't someone to forget either. Each character had their own quirks and you actually wanted to see them succeed on getting the family back together. Though you'll just have to watch it yourself, to see if it does happen. So there was really no one-dimensional characters or story for that matter. That's what made and makes it so appealing. 

So there is family drama as well as horror. Bulding tension nicely, each subject is intertwined so well that you're the edge of your seat the whole film.  The back story of why the family is being haunted, is even stranger. So the fear of the dark is something that we've all experienced (who really loves complete darkness?) and with a spirit that harbors in the darkness, you'll always want the lights on.There are couple (or more) scenes were you'll be jumping out of your skin.

4/5 Stars