Movie ticket prices rise

The cost of the movie ticket has gone to an all time high, that's according to the July 18 report from Variety.  So how much does an average ticket cost now? Well an average ticket price is now $8.73.

Though this is just an average, some places are already paying over $10, while others pay less than $8.73! So while the price did rise, ticket sales went down. Tickets sales were down roughly 9.5 percent. This was during a three month period, which ended in June.

Here's some interesting average ticket prices from over the years. The info is from the National Association of Theatre Owners:
  • 1948- $0.36
  • 1958-$0.68 
  • 1964-$0.86
  • 1976-$2.13
  • 1985-$3.55
  • 1998-$4.69 
  • 2004-$6.21
  • 2011-$7.93
So how much do you pay for your ticket? Share in the comments!