New TV adaptation of 'Les Miserables' announced

It looks like "Les Miserables" is coming to the small screen, according to the July 21 report from BBC News. The BBC will be making the six-part adaption with the same people that were behind "War and Peace" adaptation. Since being based on Victor Hugo's classic novel, it'll be another literary adaptation from the team.

If you're looking for the stage musical, you won't be finding it here. The show will be airing on BBC1.

The show will be a co-production between BBC Studios and Lookout Point for BBC One as well as Weinstein Television. The executive producers of the project are Bethan Jones for BBC Studios, Faith Penhale and Simon Vaughan for Lookout Point and Harvey Weinstein for Weinstein Television.

Andrew Davies will be writing the script as well as being an executive producer. He also wrote the script to "War and Peace." "War and Peace" was released earlier this year with James Norton, Lily James, and Paul Dano as the stars of the Tolstoy adaptation.

For those in the U.S., Weinstein Television will be distributing "Les Miserables." So will you be watching?