Schiffer Publishing releasing a new book for action fans!

Photo Source: Schiffer Publishing/David J. Moore

Schiffer Publishing has just announced on June 14, 2016 a new book for action movie aficionados and academics. The book is called, "The Good, the Tough & the Deadly: Action Movies & Stars" and the author is David J. Moore. Moore is known for his book, "World Gone Wild: A Survivor’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Movies."

The book is a massive study on action movies and starts from around the world. The movies range from the '60s to the present. It's filled with more than a thousand in-depth movie reviews that cover every action star who's crossed over from the world of martial arts, sports, professional wrestling, and stunt work.

 The book is also filled with intense images, exclusive interviews, and an action star index. The book has 773 color images and is 560 pages. For those who are interested can check it out here.