TCM and Fathom Theaters bring 'Planet of the Apes' back to the big screen

In two weeks classic movie fans will be in for a treat because of TCM, Twentieth Century Fox, and Fathom Events. The sci-fi classic, "Planet of the Apes" will be in select cinemas nationwide for two days. The first day will be on Sun, July 24 and the second day is Wed, July 27.

"Planet of the Apes" was released in 1968. It starred Charlton Heston, Kim Hunter, and Roddy McDowall. The story is about an astronaut that crash lands on a planet that is ruled by apes and humans are enslaved. It's probably one of the most popular sci-fi movies out there, which even led it to spawn sequels, a remake, and prequels (with more in the works).

So if you're wondering if there is a theater near you that will have the movie, please click here and for more details on times and such, please click here.  It definitely is an event that sci-fi fans won't want to miss. Will you be going? Share your thoughts about it in the comments!  Also what's your favorite movie from the series?


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