TCM's 'Summer Under the Stars' (2016)

 Source: TCM

Edward G. Robinson. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/

It's that time again, when TCM does their 'Summer Under the Stars." For those who don't know what it is, it's where TCM dedicates each day in August to a classic movie star. The event starts on August 1 at 6 a.m. EST.

 So here's the list of each star that will be on this year's "Summer Under the Stars" list:

August 1: Edward G. Robinson 
August 2: Lucille Ball
August 3: Bing Crosby
August 4: Fay Wray
August 5: Karl Malden
August 6: Montgomery Clift 
August 7: Jean Harlow
August 8: Esther Williams
August 9: Tim Holt
August 10: Ava Gardner
August 11: Spencer Tracy
August 12: Janet Gaynor
August 13: Ralph Richardson
August 14: Cyd Charisse
August 15: Roddy McDowall
August 16: Anne Baxter
August 17: James Edwards
August 18: Angie Dickinson
August 19: Ruby Keeler
August 20: Humphrey Bogart
August 21: Bette Davis
August 22: Robert Montgomery
August 23: Brigitte Bardot
August 24: Constance Cummings
August 25: Van Johnson
August 26: Boris Karloff
August 27: James Gardner
August 28: Jean Arthur
August 29: Charles Boyer
August 30: Jean Simmons
August 31:  Dean Martin

So which star(s) are you most looking forward to watching in August? Share your thoughts in the comments! Oh and to see the films that will be airing for each star, please click here.