Interview with Alexandra Holzer

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I was lucky enough to ask Alexandra Holzer these ten questions. She is the daughter of the renowned ghost hunter, Hans Holzer and she has been keeping up with the family legacy, by doing her own paranormal investigating.

She's a writer too, she wrote a sci-fi book and a memoir about her life growing up with the paranormal.

1. First question, you are the daughter of Hans Holzer, a man that got my mother and I into the paranormal. You’re keeping up with his legacy by being a second generation ghost hunter, so can you tell a little bit about what keeps that drive for you to go out into the paranormal world?

Until I succeed at bringing back The Holzer Legacy with father’s detective-styled case work, physical research and large coverage of many paranormal occurrences including UFO’s, Mediumship to the topic of Witches and the craft…that drive will continue. Also, for my own life path and purpose to continue his torch and pass it on to future generations to come, including my own children. I, too, have my own research, case files and approach as to how I feel The Holzer Method needs to continue and live within us all who are willing to be open-minded; and aware of our environments as we live each day.

2. Were you ever given a chance to go ghost hunting with your father?

He was his own team in that respect at home however; worked with many professionals to try and solve the cases that came in. I was not part of that arena until later on in his life when he softened up his grip on allowing me in to his world. He was so good at what he did and instinctively just knew what to do, how to react and behave and who to call upon for each case.

What he did do with me, was recognize my intuitive abilities and always praised them as I grew. He also would invite me into his cycle of gatherings when he and well-known people to your real witch, were sitting in our living room for a night of Holzer stories and campfire tales. He loved to share that with me. Anytime he appeared on television he pulled me to the couch and had me sit and watch with him, hoping maybe I’d grasp the concept of his work and theories. Sometimes, I rolled my eyes as I just wanted to go play with my dolls and watch television, but as I became older…I grew to comprehend those moments and their purpose. It relates to my life now and for quite some time.

3. With a TV world full of ghost shows, do you think that you’ll ever want to have your own show?

I would like too, yes, because I can re-investigate his case files as a detective would be out on the scene to gather the facts and tell the story of what happened in a location and with a person. I also have my own cases and interest where I live in Hudson Valley, New York, that I have been wanting to express via film for some time now as well. Where else can you have a real-life second generation Ghost Hunter re-live her famous and respected pioneering father’s past and catapult it into the present day with her own outlook and theories? I’m just never going to be a casting call, I am afraid to say, and fear that will always hinder my ability to have an executive give me that platform to shine.

4. What’s some advice you can give to aspiring ghost hunters out there?

Do your research of who came before and who covered what topics. There is too much ignorance in the paranormal world today due to the lack of research and intelligent fact-finds. Read a book and learn the paranormal history and forefather’s who set forth the platform from which many sprung off of into fame and easy passageways. Being Hans’ daughter, one would think, maybe even assume, I’d have it all in my back pocket…right? Wrong. Being his daughter has been a curse as it’s like trying to convince the devil to be good and stop hurting others. Be true to the field of physical research, document your findings, question everything and accept that you will not gather all the answers. Allow room to keep the unknown factor alive and left for one of life’s mysteries. Work with like-minded folks and never compromise your beliefs and always keep an open mind to what is to come and what has passed.

5. Noticed that you were on the Scream Factory’s release of the “Amityville Horror” movies. What’s your opinion on the whole Amityville case?

At this point in my life, after reviewing my father’s own findings and what others have found, have concluded that my father’s research about the land being corrupt so-to-speak…lends much merit to the possibilities that a negative environment is created to affect some in that area. Whether or not Defeo was truly possessed, I feel we will never know. However; father’s theories on this case does show that possession could be a possibility and therefore, at the court appearance for Defeo, was one of the first times a plea of ‘possession’ was to be entered. Of course, today, everyone’s possessed and negative is the way to go for tv and film.

6. You’re a writer too and you wrote a sci-fi novel, “Lady Ambrosia,“ what inspired you to go into the sci-fi genre?

I love sci-fi and creating characters and worlds that I would like to visit or even be a part of. Earth can get boring sometimes!

7. So can you tell the readers a little more about your comic series, “Ghost Gal?”

“GHOST GAL is neo pulp with a touch of gothic romance.” explains my publisher Michael Hudson. Michael runs Sequential Pulp which is an imprint of Dark Horse Comics.The series is set in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s to take advantage of the post World War II paranoia that was present as America was undergoing the McCarthy witch hunts, the fear of the atomic bomb, and the numerous representations of the alien invader that characterized the late twentieth century perceptions of 1950’s America. Ghost hunters were plentiful but only one stood head and shoulders above all the rest. His name was Hans Holzer, the creator of the Holzer Method. This series centers around his headstrong but lovable daughter, Alexandra, who after college has just hung out her shingle to follow in her famed father’s footsteps as a paranormal investigator. Of course this leads her into adventures far beyond the realm of belief. But how she solves various mysteries along with the help of her beloved father, mother and fiancĂ© will provide plenty of chills, thrills and a treasure trove of character development. You are going to care about these characters. It is due out this spring.

8. Here’s a fun question, name your favorite ghost movies?

Ghost, Poltergeist (the original), The Haunting of Hill House (the original), Ghost Story, The Entity, The Others, and White Noise to name a few.

9. Are you working on any new projects that you would like to talk about?

I am working on a children’s book, a screenplay and scripted series.

10. Last but not least, what would you like to personally share with the readers?

Please believe in us Holzer’s in the Paranormal and share this ride with us. And remember what Dan says..."I became obsessed by Hans Holzer, the greatest ghost hunter ever. That’s when the idea of my film Ghostbusters was born." - Dan Aykroyd (Quote Source: UPI)

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