Movie Review: 'They're Watching' (2016)

"They're Watching" was recently added to Netflix
 3 1/2 out of 5 Stars is The Abstract's rating!

Kate and Alex. Photo Source: Best Served Cold Productions

For those who watch HGTV's "House Hunters International" will find "They're Watching" a pretty funny and (sometimes spooky) spoof. So a crew from "House Hunters Global", are up to do a 6 month follow up with one of the home buyers. The place that they travel to is in Moldova. The locals aren't too happy with the crew or the homeowner! Especially seeing they mock the superstitions about witches.

Jay Leder and Micah Wright wrote and directed this found footage movie. The actors are Brigid Brannagh, David Alpay, Kris Lemche, Carrie Genzel, Dimitri Diatchenko, and Mia Faith.

Well the American TV crew are pretty closed minded as well as the locals are to them being there. It's your usual stereotypical culture clash. The movie heats up at the last 30 minutes till then it's just a play of tension as the viewer knows something is going to happen to them.

What ends up eventually happening is pretty weird and the effects are even weirder. So anyway, the funniest characters are definitely Alex (Lemche) and Vladmir (Vladimir). Vladimir is as stereotypical as it gets, which is probably the joke of the movie.  Alex is cocky, prankster, and doesn't mind offending those, while Greg (Alpay) is more "mature." Then there is Sarah (Faith), who is the newbie for the crew. You'll probably get tired of the film school jokes that her co-workers make or you'll find them funny. It does get a little old though. So now to Kate, she's the host of the show. She rules literally with an iron fist and gets a little cozy with the house hunters.. Though the way Alex talks, he sounds like he does too (or wishes).

Anyway, the new house owner that they have to visit and film is an artist. Her name is Becky (Brannagh) and she has to be pretty crazy on the house that she bought. Though when the crew visit her, they find that she was pretty determined to make the house into something grand. They also learn a little bit more about the house and even Becky.

So if you're looking for a funny popcorn flick, "They're Watching" works pretty good to kill some time. The only problem is the ending, while it's great to see some things happening (other than creepy locals, drinking, etc), the effects don't work too well. It's kind of ridiculous (maybe that's the point?), but over all you'll get some laughs and maybe a few jumps. It's not exactly the scariest movie you'll watch, but it makes a good horror comedy.