For 'Read A Book Day' check out indie fantasy, 'Origin: The Nameless Celestial'

(Note: The Abstract was given a Review Copy) 

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Today (Sept. 6) is "Read A Book Day," which is a day that we can all get behind. So what are you reading to celebrate? If you aren't sure what to do read, The Abstract has found out about a fantasy book that will keep you on edge! 

The book is called, "Origin: The Nameless Celestial" and it was written by Aaron R. Allen. The book was published by the small press Melange Books and you can buy it on Lulu or Amazon. 

It's about an elite force ranger, who must keep his own dark secret, at bay,  in order to unravel the mystery of a nameless evil. That's just a tidbit.

Anyway, the reasoning why you should give it a shot is because first it's interesting, short (256 pages with shorter chapters), and you're promised more (this is the first of a series). Just some of the wild creatures you'll find are wraiths, gargoyles, dragons, demons, and more. Allen even creates his own version of these legendary creatures like the Fenthom.

It's pretty fast pace too, while there is a lot of detail too. Allen creates his own world and makes sure that each creature or person he creates, is detailed and you learn their mannerisms. He doesn't skip on the details, but doesn't over do it, where readers are confused or bored either. His writing style is pretty good. The names are even creative from our main character Cahan Devlin to Anaymous.

Fans of "World of Warcraft," to "Final Fantasy" come to mind when reading, "Origin: The Nameless Celestial." So that could be a reason why other reviewers have called it a book for gamers! Though it's a story for all that are looking for something that will transport you to a different world(s) and for something that will help their appetite for scifi and fantasy.

So that's why it's our pick for "Read A Book Day." It's also always important to support smaller presses too, because you can find plenty of gems!