Movie Review: 'Shin Godzilla'

(Note: Screener Review) 

Godzilla's destruction. Photo Source: Funimation

"Shin Godzilla" will be coming to North American theaters on Oct. 11 through Oct. 18. The movie will be screened in more than 440 theaters across the U.S. and Canada. For those who would like to see where and buy tickets, please click here.  Funimation Films had acquired the Godzilla movie in July at the San Digeo Comic Con 2016.

The directors of this modern "Godzilla" movie are Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuch. For those who were wondering, yes this is a Toho Picture. Its been awhile since Toho has been in the Godzilla universe and will say that their return is welcomed.

Godzilla evolves throughout the movie.  His first is like a fish-like creature (the googly eyes are pretty funny and might be a little hard to take seriously) and then you see more of his menacing look (which he looks amazing). So you may be thinking what is exactly going on with Godzilla, but don't worry he gets better.

What is also interesting is like most of the movies, there is a political background. The U.S. wants to bomb the creature, which makes Japan very uneasy. One of the characters said something like that man is scarier than Gojira.

So like the ones before it, Toho gives both political and moral messages. There is a sense of the characters wanting to obviously destroy the creature, but also they wanted their country back to its formal glory, even more Godzilla comes, they aren't exactly the perfect country.
It's well worth the watch and for those who are fans of the "Godzilla" movies, should really go to the theater to watch it. There is a kick-ass monster and a message that we can all agree with. Let's hope to see more of Godzilla and Toho in the future. While you wait, don't forgot to watch the classics.

4/5 Stars