Rapist Brock Turner serves only three months for heinous crime

 Three Things People Blame for Rape, Instead of the Rapist:
  • The victim's clothes. 
  • The victim's sexual history. 
  • The victim was drunk.

News broke out this morning (Sept. 2) that rapist Brock Turner has been let out of the Santa Clara County Main Jail in San Jose, California early. Turner was given a controversial sentence of only six months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a Stanford University fraternity house. He only had to serve three months of that six month sentence.

It was Judge Aaron Persky, who had handed down the very controversial sentence. His reasoning statement behind the light sentencing was this: "A prison sentence would have a severe impact on [Turner]. I think he will not be a danger to others." (Quote Source: NPR)

This leads to ask, was Judge Persky caring more about the rapist than the victim?  Did the judge care about  her future? Obviously not! Does this seem all too common? CNN just shared some shocking (or not so shocking news) about cases like this and how it's not that uncommon for light sentences and victims getting zero justice.

What's next for Turner? He's expected to return to Ohio with his parents. He will be required to register as a sex offender. What's next for the victim? She gets to live with the fact that the justice system has failed her and with the extremely terrible pain that Turner caused her.

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