TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand partners with SIFF for 2016 French Cinema Now Festival

Source: TV5MONDE USA Press Release 


TV5MONDE USA (America's only 24/7 French Language entertainment channel) has partnered with the Seattle International Film Festival's (SIFF) French Cinema Now Festival. So this means that SIFF's Official Selections will be available via TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand nationally beginning Sept. 30 to Nov. 25.  This announcement was made today (Sept. 28) by Yves Bigot, who is the General Manager of TV5MONDE.

Bigot had this to share about the announcement:  
“We are excited to partner again with SIFF for this year’s French Cinema Now festival as they bring together an extraordinary array of films from around the world so that we can offer our viewers a dynamic lineup of new francophone cinema.” (VIA TV5MONDE USA Press Release) 
Carl Spence (Who is the Chief Curator and SIFF Director) said this: 
We're very excited about this year's lineup, being able to bring such a diverse group of films to the Francophile Seattle audience. Our continued partnership with TV5MONDE has allowed French Cinema Now to reach not only the Seattle viewers, but nationally through TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand."
So what's going to be showing? Here's a few from the Official Selection:

"The Fabulous Patars" (Cigarettes et Chocolat Chaud) 
 A loving but overworked single father is struggling to raise a pair of very boisterous young daughters. Well chaos erupts when a social worker threatens to take away the girls. Cesar nominated actor Gustave Kervern stars in this 2016 drama.

This 2016 drama is about a well-known doctor, who's one of the best in the town. He's caring and is a cherish friend to the townspeople. Well he learns that he has a life-threatening disease that could change all of that. So to ensure that the people in his community are properly cared for a young doctor steps up to take his place.
"The Outsider" 
"The Outsider" was created by Oscar nominated director Christophe Barratier. It's about the retelling of France's greatest financial scandal! 
"Orges" (Les Ogres) 
"Orges" is a family drama that follows a theater company. There adventures are never in a short supply of work, friendship, and the occasional drunken affair.
"Eva & Leon" (L'echappee Belle) 
  A charming and heart-warming story that chronicles the unlikely friendship between a 35-year-old free-spirited woman and a 10-year-old orphan.
"Paris" (Peur de Rien) 
The 2015 drama is director's Danielle Arbid's semi-autobiographic film. It loosely recounts her experience as a student. 

Another 2015 drama, this one is about Sophie, a successful European actress. She travels to Montreal to shoot a new movie and to reconnect with her 21-year-old son. The film stars Cesar nominated actress Monica Bellucci.
"Don't Tell Me the Boy was Mad" (Une Une Histoire de Fou – (Don't Tell Me the Boy Was Mad)
Set in late 1970s, this drama follows Aram Alexandrian, a young Armenian rebel who discovers that a Turkish minister has ordered the evacuation of Armenia. Seeking revenge, Aram decides to bomb a foreign ambassador's car in Paris.

"Go Home" 
 "Go Home" is about Nada, a young woman who is returning to Lebanon, her home country after spending numerous years in France. Once back inside of her old and deserted family home, she begins to uncover the mystery behind her grandfather’s death and his involvement in the Lebanese civil war. 

So don't forget to check out this event! For those who would like to know more about TV5MONDE USA and how they can get the channel,  please click here.