After a successful international run, 'Me, You and Five Bucks' is coming to domestic digital platforms

 Source: Samera Entertainment

Photo Source: Samera Entertainment

Samera Entertainment's press team announced on Oct. 4 that "Me, You, and Five Bucks" is coming to domestic digital platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Target, Walmart, and other VOD outlets. The romantic dramedy had a very successful international run.  The release is Oct. 13, so tomorrow fans can look for it.

Jamie Zevallos is the lead as Charlie Castillo, Angela Sarafyan is Charlie's ex Pam, Sean Nateghi plays Louie. Jamie Zevallos also directed and wrote it.  It's about a Charlie,  a lovable loser who is a wannabe writer. Well his ex after three years, comes back because she responds to his wanted ad for a roommate.

It's also interesting to note that actress Angela Sarafyan is currently in the new hit HBO show, "Westworld." Her character is  Clementine Pennyfeather. Anyway for those are interested, you can follow their Facebook Page, here.  As well as Jamie Zevallos's Twitter Page.

So don't forget to find "Me, You and Five Bucks" tomorrow!