Exclusive interview with actor and director Jaime Zevallos

 Source: Phone Interview 

Photo Source: Jaime Zevallos's FB Page
This afternoon I chatted with actor and director Jaime Zevallos about one of his films. The film being,"Me, You and Five Bucks." We talked about the film, while also discussing a little bit about the state of indie films.

So here it is: 

1.  How do you think "Me, You & Five Bucks" differs from other romantic comedies?
It's different multi-culturally. The characters are Armenian, Brazilian, so it's a multicultural cast. A romantic comedy on how I envisioned it (and how I know and see Brooklyn). It's a very subliminal picture too, because a friend watched it and never noticed how diverse the cast was.

2. Can you describe a little bit about your character Charlie?
 Charlie is the quintessential dreamer. He has a crummy job as a waiter, but his real dream is to be a famous writer. He does write a book about his ex. All things that happen to him are too fantastical, it doesn't happen to the regular person. He's also bitter. So really to do anything less than your passion sucks, but Charlie does also realize there is more to life than his goals.

3.What challenges (if any) do you think indie directors face the most in 2016? 
Yeah, telling stories is harder. Another challenging part is everyone telling you how your vision is to be. Money is not there either. "Me, You and Five Bucks" had a small theatrical release (the production company that worked with me well was ZOOR Films) . To get money is either from your own pocket or friends and family. Though  with digital it's easier and cameras are much cheaper. Also directors can't just be good enough, but they should be great, because it's an over-saturated market.

4. So do you have a favorite scene in "Me, You & Five Bucks?"
 I do: I'm in central park with my friend Louie (played by ), where we are having a conversation about my new book. We are two guys/friends who are drifting apart. It's an "elephant in the room" moment. Underline is the most important part for me as an actor (using facial expressions, movement).

5.  Before we end, do you have any new projects that you would like to comment on?

I'm acting in a new thriller called, "The Summoning." It will be coming out in January. Eric Roberts also stars in it. It's based on real events and recently (Oct. 19),  "Deadline" wrote about it.

BONUS QUESTION: Since Halloween is 10 days away, what's your favorite Halloween movie to watch? 
"Halloween" (1978) (NOTE: Jaime did comment that he's still afraid of "The Exorcist," which we can all agree with!)

So I would like to thank Jaime Zevallos for talking to me this afternoon! Don't forget to check out his movie, "Me, You and  Five Bucks" along with his other current projects! I would also like to thank Sharry Flaherty from Samera Entertainment for setting up this interview. 

Photo Source: Samera Entertainment