Review of 'Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis' by Anne Rice

Note: Review Copy from the Knopf Doubleday catalog on Edelweiss.

Photo Source: Knopf

On this day in 2014 "Prince Lestat" was released and on Nov. 29, 2016, "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis" will be released. For those who are anticipating the release will like to know that it's worth the wait! Anne Rice one of the best writers of her time has once again delivered a piece of poetic vampire fiction. The ending will grab you by the heartstrings and never will let go! Be prepared to cry some while reading.

First, with trying to give no spoilers here, it's a complex story between Lestat, Amel, and a group of "immortals" that you get to discover more into the book. The questions that seem like the main themes in "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis" are first: "Where Do I Belong?" and the second being, "What is good and what is evil?" Both a theme that Rice delves in the other "Vampire Chronicles" books, but this has a twist. It's not just the vampires asking that question. It's a group of immortals that you'll learn about and Amel, who we get to learn more about too. Which to note that Rice gave quite an interesting backstory. So you will be quite surprised on how Atlantis fits in all this!

What is also interesting to note without giving too much away, is how you could say that "Realms of Atlantis" isn't just a vampire story, but has some of the most interesting sci-fi parts in it. Rice creates her own version of how Atlantis was created and destroyed, and have to say it's quite a story! Her creativity is definitely still kicking.

Now talking about characters: Lestat and Amel are your center characters (since they are one), while we get some new faces like Derek, who will definitely break your heart. Breaking your heart, meaning he sees things through almost a child's eyes. He gets treated terribly and with his innocence, it's almost like you could compare it to Armand's suffering.

Anyway back to Lestat and Amel, Rice gives our Prince Brat someone who challenges him. Though while they do argue (you would too if you have a spirit inside you), you can see that they love each other.  That Lestat is really the only one of the vampires that trust Amel. He even comments on it.

Thinking that Rice loves to give Lestat people that he argues with, but you can see that the Prince Brat is really a loving person. It could be said that this book gives him the biggest heart compared to especially "Interview with the Vampire," her first book. The first time we meet Lestat, through Louis's eyes, he's not quite looking like a nice fellow. Though of course, we do learn his side of the story later on.

Which talking about them too, their relationship is pretty sweet really. Love how she does even references the past too between them. It's subtle, but there is something about Lestat and Louis together that you wish for yourself with someone! Also, Lestat has grown into a pretty good leader, though there is some tension between Lestat and Marius, which Lestat does comment throughout the book that he believes that Marius would love the role of the leader. That he sometimes feels just like a figurehead. Though it's pretty hard for someone who doesn't like authority, become an authority figure.

Oh, but this isn't the only conflict throughout the book (far from it). One conflict is Rhoshamandes. for those who don't remember in "Prince Lestat," he gets his arm cut off by Lestat. Of course, he deserved it because of all the evil deeds he's done, but for some reason, Lestat keeps him alive. It's kind of a change for Lestat, especially when vampires who are normally docile are wondering why he's still alive. His fledglings even depart from him. Roland, another vampire, who you'll meet up with is just as conniving as him. He also starts off a chain reaction with his own little secret in his cellar. This secret is a ploy to get Rhoshamandes back on the court.

Really the last couple chapters are some of the best (though all of it's good). There is so much going on and you get so much information, that you've just been feeling like Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out with all the clues and pieces you get, that when you finally get all of the information, it's so enthralling and crazy! There is The mystery of Amel, the story of the other "immortals," and what will happen to the world of the vampires when everything comes to a close? How will their world change? It certainly has you on edge.

So don't miss out on this exciting and lovely read. All your old favorites are back and you get a new story about a new breed that is just as interesting and lost as our vampires are. The world is a hard place, that's another message you could get from this piece of fiction. Also, it does question the existence of mankind and is it worth saving?

The last pages about love are the most poetic part of anything I've read in awhile.... Would rate this a solid 5/5 stars!