Photo Source: Shudder
In three days it'll be Halloween, so here at the Abstract, the site that we love is definitely going out to Shudder! After all for a bunch of horror movies for only $4.99 a month, the price is perfect! But that's not the only thing what makes Shudder the best especially for this time of the year. It's selection is pretty great too. It has a mix of new and old horror and a lot of foreign movies too.

If you are a Amazon Prime member you can get a Shudder subscription through the service. If not, Shudder is also available for android users, IOS, and Roku. If you aren't a member yet, you can sign up for a free trial here. 

So what should you watch once you sign up? The site has an area called Collections, which is pretty helpful. They also have Shudder.TV, which continuously streams horror movies. So those are two options that you have to find some films.

Our own recommendation goes to Lamberto Bava's "Demons" and "Demons 2," those are two perfect horror movies to watch this weekend. The first one takes place in a theater, where a movie turns the viewers into demons, and the second is about an apartment complex that gets overtaken by demons because a movie playing on TV. So you can find both of them on Shudder at the moment.

Did we also mention that all of the seasons of George A. Romero's TV show, "Tales from the Darkside" are available to watch on Shudder too? That alone is worth to get it. "Tales from the Darkside" was an '80s anthology TV horror favorite that lasted from '83 to '88.

So this Halloween decide to check out the streaming service and you won't regret it!