Starting Oct. 17, getTV airing Presidential Episodes from 'The Merv Griffin Show'

Source: getTV Press Release 

Photo Source: getTV
getTV is putting the spotlight on politics with four classic episodes of "The Merv Griffin Show." The lineup includes in-depth and honest sit-downs with Richard Nixon, Gerard Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan (with his wife Nancy Reagan). These episodes will air every Monday at 10 p.m. EST from Oct. 17 through election day Eve on Nov. 7.  

This special presidential lineup kicks off on Oct. 17 with a lively discussion from Dec. 20, 1967 between Richard Nixon (this was shortly before he announced he was running for president) and talk show host and producer David Susskind. Susskind had openly challenged the notion that Nixon is a viable candidate. 

The Oct. 24 episode features Gerard Ford. The episode originally aired on Jan. 8, 1981 and where Ford was retired. In the interview with Merv, he shares a humorous anecdote about dealing with hecklers on the campaign trail, he opens up about his wife and kids, Ronald Reagan's landslide election, Jimmy Carter's controversial policies, and what it actually takes to be a president. 

The Oct. 31 episode features Jimmy Carter and that episode aired on Nov. 29, 1982. It's where the former president discuses his (then) new memoir "Keeping Faith," his beloved family, the Iran hostage crisis, the Camp David Agreement, the transition from the White House to civilian life, and the deep sense of  rejection he felt after not being elected to a second term.

These episodes come to a close on Nov. 7. The Nov. 7 Merv episode is a very special one because Merv takes the viewers into the White House for a historic interview with Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan. It marked the first-ever appearance by a sitting President on a non-news talk show. The original air-date of this episode was Sept. 27, 1983.

So these Merv Griffin episodes are a must to watch especially during this election season! For those who would like to learn more about getTV and its schedule, please click here.