The 2nd annual 'Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women's Filmmaker Program' starts tomorrow

Source: Tribeca Press Release 

Photo Source: Tribeca
Tribeca Enterprises and Chanel's's second annual 'Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women's Filmmaker Program" will be starting tomorrow Oct. 25. It's a three-day program that will be taking place in New York City.

The event covers a variety of topics like script-to-screen development, story structure, casting, finding collaborators, working with music composers, costume designers, editors, and festival strategies. Participants, along with one female producing partner each, will attend master classes, have individual mentoring sessions with industry experts, meet distributors, and new this year participants will get to work with writing mentors.

What will also be happening is Tribeca and Chanel, in collaboration with Pulse Films, and facilitated by Tribeca Film Institute have selected five emerging female filmmakers to receive project support and take part in the master classes, one-on-one mentorship, and peer-to-peer sessions. At the end of the programs each of the five filmmakers will pitch her project to a jury of industry experts. One filmmaker will be awarded full financing to the produce her short film, along with support from Tribeca Studios and Pulse Films to make the project and the four other projects will each be awarded grant funds to continue the development of their films.

The Leadership Committee participating in the program includes:
Photo Source: Tribeca
  • JURORS: 
    • producer Anne Carey ("20th Century Women," "The Diary of a Teenage Girl"actor Dakota Fanning ("American Pastoral," "Night Moves"), director Tamara Jenkins ("The Savages," "Slums of Beverly Hills"), writer/director/producer So Yong Kim ("Lovesong," "Treeless Mountain"), actor/director Jennifer Westfeldt ("Kissing Jessica Stein," "Friends With Kids");
    •  director/writer Shari Springer Berman ("10,000 Saints, American Splendor"), actor/writer/producer Rashida Jones (“Angie Tribeca”, "Black Mirror"), writer/director/producer Jenni Konner (“Girls”), director Tanya Wexler ("Hysteria"), producer Rachel Winter ("Dallas Buyers Club");
    • writer/director Sophie Barthes ("Madame Bovary"),  director/writer Catherine Hardwicke ("Miss You Already," "Thirteen"), writers Janeika and JaSheika James (“Empire”),  executive producer Susan Cara Lewis (Pariah; Inevitable Defeat Of Mister & Pete), writer/director Dee Rees ("Pariah, Bessie"), producer Cathy Schulman ("Crash," "The Illusionist");
    • editor Sarah Flack ("Lost In Translation," "The Limey"), co-producer Amy Herman ("Noah," “The Wizard of Lies"), composer Laura Karpman ("Paris Can Wait," "Underground"), casting director Avy Kaufman ("The Bourne Ultimatum," "Life Of Pi"); costume designer Arianne Phillips  ("Nocturnal Animals," "Walk The Line"), and director Shari Springer Berman.
The selected projects and filmmakers participating are:
  • "CAMP MOONLIGHT" written by Ani Simon-Kennedy. Away from home for the first time,Maggie is attending the only summer camp for children with a life-threatening sun allergy. When everyone goes for a celebratory night swim, she’s faced with a personal crisis.
  • "DISPLACEMENT THERAPY" written by Joey Ally. A young married couple, trapped in the limbo of "baby up or split up," is trying "Displacement Therapy," a controversial new treatment that uses lookalike robots as vessels onto which to displace their feelings toward each using them as literal punching bags. As communication shuts down, and bodies pile up, they are called to ask themselves whether it is the symptom or the cure that will kill them.
  • "FEATHERS" written by A.V. Rockwell. Eli, a volatile inner-city youth, creates havoc in his attempts to re-escape from the mysterious and crumbling juvenile detention center known as “The Mill.” When the repercussions become more dire than he can handle, Eli gains purpose and introspection on his troubled life.
  • "ON THE OUTS" written by Catherine Eaton. A wild agoraphobic from a backwater town in Louisiana travels to a hotel in New Orleans to work as a writer and is offered—ironically—a travel column. Terrified of open spaces and crowds and unable to leave the hotel, she realizes she can steal the stories of the hotel guests to keep the job and win the battle, if not the war, against her condition—all while throwing the lives of everyone around her into chaos.
  • "THE QUARRY" written by Sonejuhi Sinha. A gynecologist and abortion provider, Reese, practices in a remote town in America. When a threat emerges in town and Reese finds herself drawn into a rabbit hole of paranoia, she takes matters into her own hands.
Last year's fund recipient was "Wig Shop" directed by Kat Coiro. It recently premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival.