Check out the Kickstarter for Paul and Mark McGann's new short film

Paul McGann/Perplexed Music. Photo Source: KickStarter/Mark McGann

One of Paul McGann's (the Eighth Doctor, "Withnail & I," etc) next projects is a short film called "Perplexed Music." His brother, Mark McGann ("Shackleton," "Endgame," etc) wrote the original screenplay and will be directing it earlier next year. It will be shot entirely on location in Somerset and Cornwall.

Mark had shared the news about his new project via Facebook:

 "Perplexed Music" is about a the cycle of devoted love, loss, and rebirth. It's based on the Italian sonnet of the same name by Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. Paul plays the main actor, a middle-aged man who battles for reason and stability with worlds past and present.

You can check out the Kickstarter, here. So far $4,726 has been raised and there are 57 days left to get the goal of $33,053. Some of the things that donors get are singed autographs, 2 tickets to the screening, signed script, etc.