'Close to the Enemy' is a must-see drama this Monday on Acorn TV

 This review is based on a screener episode from Acorn TV 

Jim Sturgess in "Close to the Enemy" Photo Source: Acorn TV
 "Close to the Enemy's" cast is one of the reasons why you shouldn't miss the series!

The U.S. premiere of the BBC One Production and Acorn TV Original series "Close to the Enemy" will be premiering on Acorn TV starting next Monday (Nov.14), which that means Anglophiles in the U.S. should be watching it. That also means anyone who likes a good drama thriller should catch the first episode (and the ones after that).

For those who don't know "Close to the Enemy" is a seven-part period drama that takes place after World War II. It's set in a bomb-damaged London hotel, where an intelligence officer Captain Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess) has one last task. His task is to ensure that the captured German scientist (August Diehl) will work for the British RAF. His young daughter is also with him.

So anyway in the first episode we get to meet up with different sorts of characters from Ferguson (Our main character) to his struggling brother (whom is played Freddie Highmore) as well as Harold (Alfred Molina) an odd sort that seems to be playing a cat and mouse chase with Callum. He plays innocent, but like the rest he has a story that is just waiting to be told!

There is also Kathy (Phoebe Fox), who works for the War Crimes Unit. She's tired of Britain trying to keep quiet about some war criminals because they want them to better their weapons, secrets, etc. Just by the first episode, you kind of it this feeling that Diehl's character might be on that list?

While the tension is high, there are some lighthearted moments, like the scene of the American Band. The basement is restored to it's glory, though not too many people are that interested. So Eva (Angela Basett's character) decides to use oranges to get them to come down and here the music. The episode showed exactly how bad off it was.

One contrast scene was when Lottie (Lucy Ward) is crying and her room is bugged, so Callum and the gang can hear it take place. Well Callum goes to the room and has a freakout moment where he rips all the bugs out of the room. That being said the breakout star is definitely Lucy Ward as Lotte (the daughter of Dieh's character). The young actress is definitely a name to remember.

What is also interesting is Charlotte's Riley character (Rachel), plays an American whom is somewhat of an Anglophile. There is some humor there. Though that's not the interesting part, there seems to be a slight connection with her and Callum? She is very curious about his work. Basically you will be wondering who is trustworthy and who isn't. John Le Carre would be proud of the tense plot. 

So the first episode should have you hooked! It's pretty intriguing and the characters aren't bland as well as the setting. Don't forget that U.S. audiences will be able to watch a new episode every Monday from Nov. 14 through Dec. 26. For those who aren't subscribers of Acorn TV yet, you can sign up and get a month free here. 

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