Val Kilmer confirms he doesn't have cancer

Photo Source: Kilmer's FB Page
On Oct. 31, Michael Douglas had reportedly said that his former co-star is battling cancer. Well now today, Nov. 2, Val Kilmer has just confirmed that he doesn't have cancer. Kilmer had confirmed the news on his Facebook page. 

He stated that "he loves Michael Douglas but he is misinformed." Kilmer also explained that he hasn't talked to him in almost two years, but when he last spoke to him, he had ask about a referral for a specialist to get a diagnosis for a lump in his throat. He did end up using a team at UCLA and had no cancer. You can read his whole post about the situation here.

So this all started when Michael Douglas was in London over the weekend participating in a Q&A and the topic of his 1996 movie, "The Ghost and the Darkness" came up. That's when Douglas started to talk about Kilmer's health and said that he was battling throat cancer.