Check out the terrifying second trailer for 'Rings'

Source: EPK.TV/Paramount Pictures 

Photo : Quantrell Colbert © 2016 PARAMOUNT PICTURES.

Paramount Pictures released the second trailer for "Rings" yesterday (Jan. 5). The first trailer had been released back in August.

F. Javier Gutierrez is the director of this next installment in the "Ring" series. It stars Matilda Lutz, Vincent D’Onofrio, Johnny Galecki, Laura Wiggins, Aimee Teegarden, Alex Roe, and Bonnie Morgan.

This new chapter is about a young woman who sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend after he explores a dark subculture that surrounds a mysterious videotape that is said to kill the watcher in seven days after viewing it.

The first "Ring" film was back in 2002 and it was based on the 1998 Japanese film, "Ringu." A second was made, "The Ring Two," which was released in 2005. Both starred Namoi Watts.

So here's the official trailer:

 The release date for "Rings" is Feb. 3.