SLAMDANCE INTERVIEW: Jordan Canning, director of 'Suck It Up'

Director Jordan Canning. Photo Source: Jazo P.R.
 Jordan Canning is the director of the 2014 film, "We Were Wolves," she works on the web series,  "Space Riders: Division Earth" and now her newest project is currently part of the 2017 Slamdance Film Festival. It's actually having its World Premiere at the festival.

So Yesterday (Jan. 3), I got to chat with Jordan (via phone) about her new film, "Suck It Up" and about Slamdance.

So here's the interview:

1. First, can you explain a bit about your film, "Suck It Up?"
"Suck  It Up," is a female buddy film, about two women that lost the same man (one was his ex and the other was his sister). Well, they go traveling to the Rocky Mountains and chaos and hilarity ensues.

2. It's currently in Slamdance's Beyond Program, can you explain what the Beyond Program is?
 It's for filmmakers who made their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, film. So for non-first-time filmmakers! Five films are in the Beyond Program and "Suck It Up" is one of those films.

3. Is this your first time being at the Slamdance Film Festival? 
Yes, it's the whole team's first time.

4.Do you have any advice to upcoming directors?
Make a lot of work, don't wait for a perfect scenario  Just do it!

5. Lastly, would you like to share any new projects?
Yeah, the second season of "Space Riders: Divison Earth." The first season was on Hulu, but not sure about the second season!

I would like the thank Jordan and I hope all goes great for her and her team at Slamdance. I also would like to thank Laurent Boye and Jazo P.R. for scheduling this interview for me. Once again check out more about "Suck It Up" and Jordan's career, click here.  

The 2017 Slamdance Film Festival goes from Jan. 20 to Jan. 26.