Francophiles, check out what's on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand

 Source: TV5MONDE USA Press Release 

These films listed below are currently on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand. They star some of the greatest French actors like Melanie Thierry, Vincent Lacoste, Agnes Jaoui, and more! So here are the films: 

"Divine Child" (2014) 
You'll definitely want to watch this one first because it'll only available until Feb. 24. Anyway, "Divine Child" is about a Christmas Eve dinner that becomes a nightmare when the hostess announces she is pregnant, although her new husband cannot have kids. 

"Paris" (2015) 
"Paris" is a semi-autobiographical film based on the director, Danielle Arbid's experiences as a student. Lina, a beautiful 18-year-old Lebanese college student relocates to Paris to live with her uncle so she can continue her studies at a French University. After her uncle tries to rape her, Lina is forced to fend for herself. "Paris" is available on demand until March 2. 

"I'm All Yours" (2015)  
 "I'm All Yours" is about Hanna Belkacem, Director of Human Resources. To cope with her high-ranking position, she sleeps with all of the former male employees that she is forced to fire. But then, one of her lovers mistakes her for a prostitute. This comedy is available until March 9. 

"A Decent Man" (2015) 
"A Decent Man" is about Eddie, a 30-year-old  alcoholic that is violently mugged and hospitalized after a drunken night out on the town. As he recovers, he wrongfully accuses Ahmed, a local Arab boy. "A Decent Man" is available until March 16.

 So don't wait to watch these great films, they will be gone soon!