Crime TV Dramas come to TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand

Source: TV5MONDE Press Release 


Crime is coming to TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand! So if you feel like being a sleuth, check out the line-up here:

"Origin Season 1"
Available Now until May 4 
This 2014 crime TV series is about genealogist Margot Laurent, who teams up with Arthur Du Plessis, a young and self-assured cop to fight crime. Their first case is uncovering the truth about the inheritance of a missing woman. 

"Origin Season 2"
Available Now Until May 11  
Genealogist Margot Lauren and Cop Arthur Du Plessis are back again this crime drama TV series. This time a 70-year-old nun is found dead at a local funerary chapel and it's up to them to solve the case. 

Nicolas le Floch: Season 4 
Available March 17 until May 18 
Travel back to the 18th century with detective Nicolas Le Floch. In this season, Floch is in pursuit of  "the Claw." "The Claw" is a notorious thief that steals from the rich at all costs! 

"Nicolas le Floch: Season 5"  
Available March 24 to May 25 

After the death of Louis XV, detective Nicolas Le Floch decides to investigate a new crime which involves the minister to France's new king. Things get out of control after Floch discovers the truth about a variety of the new king's officials. 

Crimson Winter 
Available March 31 until June 8  
This 2011 crime TV series is about a woman who is mysteriously murdered around the holidays in France. So it's up to Commissioner Rousseau and Inspector Mariella De Luca to join together to capture one of the most relentless serial killers in their country. Things get worse when they discover that another woman's body has been decapitated!

You can check out all these shows here and if you would like to get the service or learn more about it, please click here. 

 So happy sleuthing!