Book Review: 'Cast Away: For These Reasons: Economic Jihad' by Jo M. Sekimonyo


I recently finished reading "Cast Away: For These Reasons: Economic Jihad" by Jo M. Sekimonyo and have to say that it was a pretty interesting read. Sekimonyo feelings about capitalism or politics, in general, might make you agree with some of the things he says. One thing that stood out was when the author admitted that he felt seriously ill at humanity while writing the first three chapters. Is our humanity terrible? Maybe?

You can see that Sekimonyo is very passionate about how he feels that the world is blind to capitalism. You don't have to agree with everything, but what makes it a great read is because it's thought-provoking. He makes some statements that make you think more. I also like the historical aspect of it too.

I thought him writing about humanity and how our economy forgets about the poor was what caught my attention. That's something I do agree.  Chapter 3 is the chapter that you have to read about that. I also found it weird, but oddly interesting about the author writing about Gangnam Style and economics together.

You'll also be happy to note that he does back his statements with sources. If you feel there are plenty of social injustices out there then this is your book. So overall I would say if you want to see a different viewpoint to the world than yours, you should add this book to your bookshelf or Kindle.