Book Review: 'Assaulted Caramel' by Amanda Flower

Source: NetGalley/Kensington Books

Kensington Books

Now that it's finally Autumn and October, I feel that everyone should be reading "Assaulted Caramel," that is if you haven't already. The book was released at the end of August. As someone who loves cozy mysteries, this one was a treat to read. Would like to note that this is the first in a new series, which the series is called "An Amish Candy Shop Mystery." 

"Assaulted Caramel" is about Bailey King, a chocolatier that lives in New York City. She's called to Harvest (can I live there?) Ohio because her grandfather's condition has worsened. Her grandparents (Jebidiah and Clara King) are Amish, which her father decided to leave the life. Anyway, they own a candy shop, where Bailey basically learned everything from. 

Well, things get worse for the family because a local developer is found dead by Bailey with her grandfather's knife buried in his chest. So it's up to Bailey to find out who the killer is to clear her name and her grandparents.

The story itself is great and quite idyllic like a cozy should be. The way Flower writes about Harvest, Ohio makes you want to live there. Though don't think that it's boring or the mystery isn't interesting. Also if you're a foodie, your mouth will be watering on all the candy details. The book was fast paced too. You should be sucked in right away. 

I liked Bailey King a lot, but one thing I didn't like is the relationship that she is in. He doesn't want her to talk about the relationship because he's famous. He also never calls her from the start. Thought that Bailey was way smarter and independent to be with someone like that. 

Anyway, if you're looking for a new cozy mystery series to start, you will find that "An Amish Candy Shop Mystery" will help that void. It has everything a cozy needs, a town you'll fall in love with, romance, and the murder mystery.