Book Review: 'Beachbound' by Junie Coffey

Source: NetGalley/Lake Union Publishing

Lake Union Publishing
Junie Coffey's book "Beachbound" has a few good moments, but unfortunately,  I couldn't finish the book. The one thing that I loved about was the setting. Who doesn't love the beach? There isn't anything wrong with her writing style, just the plot wasn't interesting enough for me.  The romance and mystery felt predictable and a little dull.

"Beachbound" is part of the Pineapple Cay Island series. It's the second book of the series, which I'll admit didn't read the first one (though I will give it a chance). I will say that its lightheartedness does make a good beach read. That could count as another plus and the cover too!

"Beachbound" was released last August and is available here.