Book Review: 'The Pug Who Bit Napoleon' by Mimi Matthews

Source: NetGalley/Pen and Sword Books

Pen and Sword Books 

Mimi Matthews' book "The Pug Who Bit Napoleon: Animal Tales of the 18th and 19th Centuries" was one of the most delightful historical books I've read in awhile. As an animal lover and a history buff, this book was quite fun to read. I read it in one sitting and I feel that many will do that. The pace is perfect and it's just really full of fascinating facts.

The book kicks off with the story about Fortune, the pug of Empress Josephine's and the dog who bit Napoleon on his wedding night. I laughed while reading that story and found the story about the love between Samuel Pope and his cats adorable. Same goes with Lord Byron and his faithful dog, Boatswain.

I read stuff I didn't even know about like sharks and alligators in the Thames River. I also thought I knew everything about the Jack the Ripper case, but didn't remember reading about the bloodhounds Barnaby and Burgho. Other strange stories include circus fleas and a chicken that was the unofficial mascot for a New York Regiment during the Civil War. So that's just some of things that you'll read about in "The Pug Who Bit Napoleon."

Mimi Matthews used letters and newspapers for some of her research, which is a total plus. The newspaper clippings that she shared in the book really helped bring the stories alive. It seemed to be well researched too.

So if you are an animal lover and adore history, you'll find "The Pug Who Bit Napoleon" to be your next favorite read. The book is scheduled to be released on Nov. 30, 2017, and I recommend in pre-ordering a copy now.