Interview with 'Afterburn/Aftershock' actor Tyler Johnson

Source: Interview via Phone 

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I was lucky to be able to ask actor Tyler Johnson some questions this afternoon. He stars in the PassionFlix film "Afterburn/Aftershock." The new romance novel is based on Sylvia Day's book of the same name.

So here's the interview with Tyler:

1. First, what drew you to the role of Jackson Rutledge?
Well, what really drew me to the role was the conflict of desire and the material about ambition vs the heart. I really wanted to explore the character and I really loved the book too.

2. Did read the book to get a better understanding of your character or no? 
Yeah, I'm a big literature fan. Some of my favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut, Albert Camus, and Elmore Leonard. As a literature fan, I think it's important to stay close to the source material. I would study the source material every night before bed. Also used the book while filming too. One thing I learned about the romance genre was how engaging the benefits are.

3. Do you have a favorite scene between you and your costar Caitlin Leahy?  
The Kiss & Slap scene. First, it was physically important because I asked Caitlin to not hold back. I studied method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institue, so I wanted the scene to be as real as possible. (She would slap me, then we would burst out laughing after). The second was that 11 hours out of 12 there was a confrontation, so this scene was a little different. The scene was also shot during the golden hour. It reminded me of Terrence Malik's work.

4. In the future do you see yourself doing more roles in the romance genre? 
I do, I think it was interesting to ask that question. Roles I take I try to find myself in them. With the romance genre, PassionFlix has gone ahead with it. For me, I'm inspired by the romance genre. It's a place for equality and it helps me to explore my own masculinity.

5. Since "Aftershock & Afterburn" is based on the romance novel by Sylvia Day, I have to ask what was the most romantic book you've read? 
My first answer I would say Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice." There are stories like "Enders Game," where I fell in love with Ender's bravery. So that's a different look at love and romance in that sense. I also liked the love between the father and son in Cormac McCarthy's "The Road."
6. Before we end, is there anything else you would like to comment on? 
I would like to give a shout out to Joany Kane, Jina Panebianco, and Tosca Musk and PassionFlix for providing a voice in the untapped market and for the opportunity.

I would like to thank Tyler Johnson again for doing this interview with the Abstract. For those who would like to watch "Afterburn/Aftershock," become a member of PassionFlix here.