Book Review: 'The Vibrating Pond' by Nigel Howse

Source: Given A Copy To Review 

AuthorHouse/Nigel Howse 

"The Vibrating Pond" is a collection of short stories written by Nigel Howse. It's a short read (around 108 pages), but each story stays with you. My favorite stories included "My First Day of School," "The River Deben (which is actually not a short story, but the author's own observations), "The Wolf Pack," and "The Isle of Halvos."

I really enjoyed Howse's writing style and how he described each scene so eloquently. In the story "The Isle of Halvos," he describes a place built by crystallized sugar with brilliant gardens. It's one of the most creative stories in the bunch.

I will say that each story is different in its own way. There are stories about average life (going to school) then you have one where a snowman comes to life! So you don't get the same story twice, which is always a win for the reader.

It's definitely a creative collection of stories. Howse should be proud of his collection. It's also interesting to note that the author shared in the description on how each story was written in different years. So if you are looking for a short story collection to read, "The Vibrating Pond," should be on the top of your list.