Book Review: 'Down the Rabbit Hole: Into France' by Jason Walker

If you are looking for a quick read you will find "Down the Rabbit Hole: Into France," perfect then. The Kindle edition is around 65 pages, though the size doesn't skimp on plot or action. Jason Walker's characters are an interesting bunch especially the spy Danielle LeClaire. I also thought that Hiora was a well drawn out character too. 

The plot takes place in World War II where several trained SAS commandos are going to help a soldier escape from a POW and assist the French Resistance. Also in a small town British secret spy Danielle LeClaire and her mother Brigette are hiding two escaped British prisoners. It's a sci-fi military series too so that just adds more to the intrigue.

The way "Down the Rabbit Hole: Into France" is written makes it very easy to follow and I didn't feel that the author was rushing the story either. I love the bond between mother and daughter and (spoiler) it broke my heart when they had to separate! But each woman is determined to stop the Nazis and help the innocent.

There are plenty of edge of your seat scenes too, especially when the Gestapo are searching everyone's home. You just hope that they don't find MacArthur or Hiora. It's all really very suspenseful! Walker doesn't skimp on showing the reader the cruelty of war. There are shootings (one character gets dragged out of his house and shot in the face), fights, and rape. Though he doesn't exploit those dark themes, it's all there for a reason.

So overall "Down the Rabbit Hole: Into France" is a solid read. Once you start reading it you will want to read more from the author. You can buy a copy for $0.99 on Amazon.