Book Review: 'The Gospel of Nicholas' by Sam Even

Source: I was given a copy of the book for an honest review! 

Sam Even/Samu 11 Publishing

"The Gospel of Nicholas"
by Sam Even is a new sci-fi book that will be of interest to those who love a book about a man who thinks he can play "God." Timothy meets viticulturist and neurologist Nicholas, who isn't all that he seems. What Nicholas really is a fanatic that believes that what he does is always justified even if it's terrible.

Nicholas and his family own a vineyard, which he produces a wine that has a lasting effect on the prefrontal cortex of the drinker's brain. That's not the only thing he has done, he made his own religion and has a cult. So Nicholas isn't exactly the friend that you want, though learning more and more about him is quite interesting (not that likable though). Though Timothy isn't a boring character either. He's just as complex, a man who isn't too sure where he stands in the world.

I would also like to comment again on the relationship between Timothy and Nicholas. The part about how Tim tracks Nick and finds that he's doing something unsavory but then explains to him that if he's in some sort of trouble he can still trust him and help him. He also explains that he doesn't have a lot of friends. There is a lot of desperation with Tim even when sees the bad from Nick. The perfect companion to Nicholas?

There is a lot to think about while reading "The Gospel of Nicholas" that might even make the reader question themselves. You can see that Even's has his own views on religion, which it's always intriguing to read other people's views. I do enjoy his writing style too.

So really the whole story is pretty interesting. It's a complex tale that doesn't take the subjects of either religion or the future lightly. Who controls the world and where does humankind belong in the world is the questions that are asked in "The Gospel of Nicholas." If you want to learn Even's take on those subjects, then read this book.