Book Review: 'A Touch of Bipolar: The madness of a suicide' by Joss Smith Wesson

Joss Smith Wesson 

Wow, Joss Smith Wesson's memoir  "A Touch of Bipolar" is a deep and touching book that strips everything down to the core. What I mean is he doesn't hold back sharing things about his own thoughts of suicide, his divorce, his letters back and forth with his wife, mother-in-law, and the court, stuff about his kids (which he really loves his children), his breakdowns/bipolar disorder, his hospital visits, and etc. It's a very raw and personal book and I think that's why I liked it so much. Really once you start reading it, you won't be stopping.

It's not easy living with mental illness (I know for a fact) and Wesson doesn't sugar coat anything and shares all with the reader even if it doesn't put him in the best light. I think that is one of the bravest things an author can do. I found the destruction of his marriage and the back and forth fighting to be one of the sadder moments as well as his will to die. Like I said this is an extremely raw account of someone's life being overtaken by mental illness and how the people around him treat him (his mother and mother-in-law seem to be a little out of touch) and how he perceives the world around him.

I also commend him for sharing information about depression and tips about alcohol and sleep problems. Sharing his story and tips is very helpful for those who read the book and need it.  I also found the poetry to be very moving. Seeing the different writing styles didn't make the book confusing like when it went from text messages, letters, etc. It all does flow nicely.

Many of us can probably relate to his "A Touch of Bipolar" and that's okay. Nobody should be afraid to share their story and Joss Smith Wesson should be proud of his book. I would like to personally thank him for sharing and I hope that all goes well for him.