Netflix confirms sequel to Will Smith's 'Bright'

Believe it or not but Netflix is making a sequel to "Bright." This news is according to the Jan. 3 report from the Hollywood Reporter, which they reported that it was Netflix who posted an announcement on their social media accounts. 

It was also reported that Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will be returning as well as the director David Ayer.

"Bright" was released on Dec. 22 on Netflix. Since its release, the film has been panned by the critics. It currently holds a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes with 80 critic reviews. Though it's interesting to note that the audience loved the film with a score of 88%.

Speaking of the audience loving the film it's currently Netflix's No.1 movie in over 190 countries and Nielsen reported that an average of 11 million U.S. Netflix users streamed "Bright" during its first three days of release.

So for those who love the movie will be happy to know that a sequel is coming their way.