Vision Films groundbreaking western 'Cassidy Red' released on DVD/VOD

Source: PPMG Press Release

Vision Films 

For those who are looking for both a love-letter to the traditional spaghetti westerns and a strong female protagonist will be happy to watch "Cassidy Red." The film defies the traditional rules of the western genre and according to The Hollywood Reporter, is "an alternate take on a male-driven genre. Matt Knudsen’s period Western features a female protagonist and plenty of talented women behind-the-scenes."

When Josephine Cassidy's lover, Jakob is killed by her scornful ex-fiance, the corrupt sheriff of her hometown, she returns, seeking bloodthirsty retribution. Torn between love, hate, loyalty, and vengeance, Cassidy's path to satisfaction widens out of her control.

The director of "Cassidy Red" is Matt Knudsen. The stars of "Cassidy Red" include Abby Eiland, Jason Grasl, David Thomas Jenkins, Rick Cramer, and Lola Kelly.

The western is out now on both DVD and VOD. It was released on Feb. 6. You can watch the trailer here.