WWE's Mattel Action Figure #1 selling action figure in 2017

Source: WWE Press Release/Business Wire 


It looks like the #1 selling action figure in the U.S. in 2017 was WWE's Mattel Action Figure. The company surpassed all action figure sales of other major entertainment brands and blockbuster films. The NPD was the one that announced the news.

Jason Horowitz the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Licensed Properties at Mattel shared his thoughts about the news:
WWE fans, both kids and collectors, are among the most loyal and passionate of any property. When you combine that passion with an amazing roster of Superstars, it’s a magic formula for action figures. We offer fans product with continual freshness and authenticity, and in 2018 our design team is raising the bar with new techniques to ensure our action figures are even more like their real-life Superstars.
Mattel has been WWE's global master toy licensor since 2009. Mattel's WWE Basic Action Figure Series is the longest-running continuous action figure assortment in history.  With more than 400 unique WWE Superstars in the collection, the Series celebrates the history of WWE spanning from the Legends of the 1980’s to the present Superstars of today.